10 Pcs Nail Glue Jelly Sticker | Double Sided Nail Glue Jelly Gel Tape | Flexible Adhesive Fake Nails Jelly | 240 Capsules Ultra-Sticky Nail Jelly



Size Guide

1.Use a measurement tape or paper to measure the WIDEST width of all your nails. 2.Note down the measurements of each finger. 3.The size table shows the width of each nail size, please chose the majority fitted size. It’s better to take bigger size if there is doubt.
Size Thumb Index Finger Middle Finger Ring Finger Little Finger
XS 14mm 10mm 11mm 10mm 7mm
S 15mm 11mm 12mm 11mm 8mm
M 16mm 12mm 13mm 12mm 9mm
L 17mm 13mm 14mm 13mm 10mm

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Features & Compatibility

This product includs 10 pcs of jelly glue stickers, each piece contains 240 Capsules jelly Nail stickers .

Please chose your sticker size based on your press-on nails sizes.


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