Tips and Tricks

Application Guide with Jelly Glue Sticker

The Jelly Glue Sticker is included in the complimentary tool kits. If you want to change your nail style every day coordinate with your outfits or you want to wear the press-on nails only for special occasions. As it’s easy to apply and remove, it’s suitable for temporary wearing. With appropriate application, it could stay for about 2-7 days.


Cut your natural nails short, clean and buffer it if needed.

1.Take a sticker suitable for your nail size.

2.Stick it on your nail and press it evenly.

3.Peel off protection film of the sticker.

4.Place the press-on nail and press it for 20 seconds. There is number engraved on the backside of press-on nail tips, so it should be placed toward your fingertips. Avoid touching warm water in the following 2 hours.

5.To remove, sank your fingertips in warm water for 1-2 minutes, remove carefully with pusher stick.